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Licence in Dental Surgery (LDS)

The Licence in Dental Surgery (LDS) is the oldest continuously existing dental qualification in the United Kingdom. Begun in 1860, under a charter by HM Queen Victoria in The 1858 Medical Act, it granted the Royal College of Surgeons the power to institute and hold examinations for the purpose of testing the fitness of persons to practise as dentists and to grant certificates of such fitness.

We will only accept the following number of candidates:

LDS part 1 –  up to 100 candidates

LDS part 2 – up to 55 candidates

Candidates must pass part 2 within five years of passing part 1. Up to four attempts are allowed for each part of the examination. Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, and you may be unable to secure four part 2 places in five years. Candidates are advised to prepare well for the examination and aim to pass on the first or second attempt.

It is a candidate’s responsibility to apply for resits. Candidates who fail to apply for the earliest available resit opportunity will manage fewer attempts in the 5 years than candidates who re-apply promptly.

NOTICE: For all future LDS examinations, candidates must submit their completed application form and supporting documentation by post only. Application forms will not be accepted if submitted by hand. Hand delivered application forms will not be processed and will be returned. Please note in addition that applications will not be accepted if delivered by courier unless these applications have been sent from outside of the UK. Candidates are advised to get proof of postage when submitting their application form.

Please do not contact the Exams Department until you have received confirmation. Any incomplete applications will be sent back.

All applications must be received by 5pm on the closing date. Please read the examination guidance page before applying for any examination.

Exam Dates

The following dates have been set for the LDS exam in 2015. (All dates are subject to change)

LDS Part 1

Title Applications and Fees Due Written MCQ and EMQ Papers Exam Fee
LDS Part 1 CLOSED 4th April 2016 £590

LDS Part 2

Title Applications and Fees Due OSCE Unseen Cases Dental Manikin Exam Fee
LDS Part 2 CLOSED 14th January 2016 15th January 2016 16th January 2016 £2400

Completion Fee

There is a £230 completion fee for those completing an FDS Royal College of Surgeons of England diploma. This fee will be collected once you have passed the exam.