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Membership in Oral Surgery (MOral Surg)

A tri-collegiate specialist dental surgery examination (England / Edinburgh / Glasgow)

Announcement to candidates: change to exam format

Changes to Membership in Oral Surgery Examination (from 2014)

Candidates for the Membership in Oral Surgery Examination are advised that the following changes were introduced from 2014:

1. A written paper containing 150 SBA questions

2. An OSCE circuit with six stations based on communication/clinical/interpersonal skills

3. Eight unseen cases and associated oral examinations. The unseen cases will be in the format of clinical scenarios. For each case, the candidate will be given five minutes to study the patient history, results of examination and where appropriate, investigations (investigation or supporting material may include radiographs, scans, laboratory investigations, study models, photographs etc). The structured oral examination relating to each case will last for 15 minutes, and the assessment will focus on clinical reasoning and decision making.


Candidates are advised that for all future examinations, candidate eligibility status will be reviewed over the course of one month. For November 2015 candidates’ eligibility for the examination will be reviewed between 26 June and 25 July 2015.


Applications for the next examination in November2015 must be received within a one month application window. For November 2015 completed applications must be submitted between 26 July and 28 August 2015. Please note that any application submitted outside of this application period will be returned to the candidate.

Examination dates

Title Application and Fees Due Written and / or MCQ Papers OSCE and Oral Presentations Exam Fee Joining Fee
MOralSurg 28 August 2015 23 November 2015 24 - 25 November 2015 £1250

Contact the Membership Department

All payments must be made upon application to the examination.

Resitting the exam

Resit candidates must apply for all sections of the examination that were failed at the last attempt.

Please note the revised costs for individual components of the examination

Costs for resitting components:

  • MCQ - £500
  • OSCE - £500
  • Unseen Cases - £500
  • MCQ and OSCE components - £1000
  • MCQ and Unseen Cases - £1000
  • OSCE and Unseen Cases - £1000

Admit and result letters

Admission letters, with your candidate number, will be sent a minimum of 10-14 days before the exam.
Results will be published a maximum of 14 days after the exam.

Membership fee

An annual subscription is required to maintain the post-nominal letters.