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Membership in Paediatric Dentistry (MPaed Dent)

Exam overview

The Diploma of Membership in Paediatric Dentistry (MPaed Dent) is a tri-collegiate specialty membership exam, run by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd).

The award of the MPaed Dent qualification indicates that you have attained the knowledge, skills and attitude relevant to practice of a Specialist in Paediatric Dentistry.

Each tri-collegiate membership exam is administered by one of the colleges as stated below. Applications should be sent directly to the administering college.

• Tri-Collegiate Membership in Paediatric Dentistry: Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh


Full details on candidate eligibility are provided in the exam regulations document. An overview is provided below. 

  • To be eligible to enter for the exam all candidates must provide certified evidence of possession of a primary dental qualification that is acceptable to the colleges.
  • Candidates may apply for entry to the exam having completed 2.5 years of full-time or equivalent part-time training acceptable to the colleges. The training should preferably be continuous but in some cases breaks in training may be permitted. The total training period should not normally exceed 6 years.

Exam format 

The exam consists of four components. At their first sitting, candidates must attempt all four components. At any subsequent sitting, candidates must attempt all outstanding elements of the exam.

The exam consists of:

  • a written paper of three hours duration.
  • submission of three case presentations.
  • four simulated cases – testing diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • a clinical governance project.

Candidates should refer to the guidance to candidates document for further information on the exam structure.


The curriculum for this exam is based on the General Dental Council’s learning outcomes for paediatric dentistry

Documents for download