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Registration with the GDC

The General Dental Council (GDC) is the sole regulatory body governing the practice of dentistry in the UK.

If you want to work as a dentist in the UK you must be on the GDC's list. This applies to all dentists whether they trained in the UK, EEA or overseas.

Registration with the GDC is required if you want to work in any branch of dentistry, for example, dental practice either within the NHS or private/insurance/independent/corporate body dentistry, the community dental service, hospital dentistry and the armed forces.

Registration is required irrespective of the specialty in which you work. Please also note that if you are being employed as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon you will need to be on the Dental Register as well as the Medical Register.

Your dental qualification must meet EU training standards. In order to know if your dental diploma does meet the EU training standards, you should contact the regulatory body in the EEA country where you obtained your qualification. More information can be obtained from the General Dental Council.