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File EWTD briefing
File EWTD Tiredness
File RCS Decontamination services.pdf
File LS Programme for web
File Alcohol and trauma policy statement
File Updated LS programme
File RCS written evidence on Health and Social Care Bill for Public Bill Committee
File RCS written evidence for Protection of Freedoms Bill Committee
File RCS Health and Social Care Bill Briefing
The latest briefing from the Royal College of Surgeons on the Health and Social Care Bill
File RCS Member Survey on critical engagement during implementation of the Health and Social Care Bill (Health Act 2012)
File Surgery and the European Working Time Directive
File EU healthcare proposals briefing
File Briefing on NHS efficiency savings
File Briefing on competition regs for Lords debate
File Cosmetic practice consultation
File EWTD Briefing May 2013
File Care Standards briefing
File Silk Commission response
File Organ donation position
File Balance of competences
File Monitor and NHS England consultation on tariffs
File Role of the independent sector in education and training
File Commission on Public Service Governance and Delivery
File Medical Devices briefing
File NHS hospital data and datasets
File Medical Devices briefing Oct 13
File Feedback to HQIP
File cross-border healthcare
File HES Data 2012-13
File Emergency services Lords briefing Nov 2013
File Duty of Candour - Terms of Reference
File Duty of Candour - Review Invitation
File RCSwrittenevidenceFinalVersion.pdf
File Duty of Candour - PSA Research Paper
File Duty of Candour - AVMA Briefing
File Duty of Candour - Letter from Healthwatch
File Duty of Candour - Review of Definitions
Threshold Review Group - Review of Definitions
File Australian Open Disclosure Framework
File Duty of Candour - Foundation Trust Network submission
File Duty of Candour - CQC Evidence Session
File MPS Duty of Candour Review
File MDU Duty of Candour Review
File Briefing ahead of debate on the Francis Inquiry
File Candour Review Final
File RCS Position on Duty of Candour
File ImplementationoftheWorkingTimeDirectiveanditsImpactontheNHSRESPONSE.pdf
File NHSEngland5YearPlan.pdf
File MPSresponseworkingtimedirectiveanditsimpactontheNHS.pdf
File Fundamental standards for providers RCS response
File Reshaping Surgical Services
File Response to consultation on wilful neglect
File WTD Taskforce Report 2014
File Chair's WTD Letter 2014
File Duty of Candour consultation response
File RCS Consultation Response to Medical Innovation Bill
File EU Data Protection Reg statement
File CQCconsultationonnewapproachtoregulatinginspectingandratingcareservicesRCSresponse.pdf
File RCSBriefingWilfulNeglectCommonsStages.pdf
File RCS Response to HEE Consultation Beyond Transition
File Access All Ages 2
File Welsh Government Consultation on IPFR Review - Final.pdf
File RCS briefing on Assisted Dying Bill 2014
File RCSresponsetoNHSEnglandandMonitorconsultationonNHSTariff2015.pdf
File RCS response to CQC consultation on duty of candour
File RCS response to Freedom to Speak Up review
File RCS response to European Commission survey on WTD
File RCS Emergency surgery policy briefing.pdf
File Coordinated care survey results
File MedicalInnovationBillHouseofLordsBriefing.pdf
File DutyofCandourparliamentarybriefing.pdf
File PublicExpenditureInquiry2014FINAL.docx
File PublicExpenditureInquiry2014FINAL.pdf
File Burke5December.pdf
File RCS Shape of Training position statement
File MedicalInnovationBillHoLThirdReadingFINAL.pdf
File rcs-position-statement-non-surgical-cosmetic.pdf
File HES Analysis Briefing FINAL
File Queens Speech and cosmetic surgery May 2015
File FINAL RCS submission to NHS England Consultation on Specialised Commissioning
File Priorities for a New Government
File 7 day care briefing
File Parliamentary assisted dying bill briefing
File seven day services
File Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Bill briefing
File Adjournment debate on cosmetic surgery October 2015
File RCS position statement Clinical Trials Transparency August 2015
File RCS response to 2016 17 mandate FINAL
File Making the most of trainee doctors' insights
File Briefing on health and social care commission Jan16
File FINAL AMITB letter for Report Stage v2 1 Jan16 (3)
File AMITB letter for Report Stage Jan16
File Placebo surgery position statement February 2016
File A question of balance: the extended surgical team