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Information on the data tools

There are two data tools, derived from Hospital Episode Statistic (HES) data, support the elective surgery commissioning guides. They were developed through a collaborative project between the Royal College of Surgeons, Surgical Specialty Associations, NHS England and Right Care.

The aim of the data tools is to allow providers and CCGs to investigate and discuss, local interpretation of information on variation.

  1. Quality Dashboards: Shows indicators for activity commissioned by CCGs across the relevant surgical pathways and provide an indication of the quality of care provided to patients.
  2. Procedures Explorer Tool: Shows further detailed information on performance measures for individual procedures

Supporting resources:

The definitions for procedures and metrics are created with the guide development groups by Methods Insight Analytics who create and maintain the data tools.

Please be aware that the data tools will not work with Internet Explorer 6 browser. You will need to use alternative browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to use the data tools.