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Overview of Services


The Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCS) is committed to enabling surgeons to achieve and maintain the highest standards of surgical practice and patient care. The delivery of good surgical care is not always straightforward, however, and there are many daily challenges for surgeons and the teams they work in. The College is committed to providing assistance wherever this is required and to helping to ensure that patients receive good quality care.

When a healthcare organisation needs an external expert opinion an Invited Review can provide expert independent and objective advice. 

Invited Reviews are a partnership between the RCS, the specialty associations and lay reviewers representing the patient and public interest. An invited review supports, but does not replace, existing procedures for managing surgical performance. We believe that invited reviews offer a highly valuable resource by providing healthcare organisations with independent expert advice and that through reliable and trustworthy peer review processes standards can continue to be improved and concerns can be addressed.

The reviews we can offer

The IRM has experience of assisting healthcare organisations to address a range of quality and performance issues through the following reviews:

  • Service reviews –  can help a range of issues from advice and assurance on matters of safety and quality to achieving service improvement and achieving best practice in service design.
  • Individual reviews – help healthcare organisations to identify whether there is a cause for concern about any aspect individual’s surgeon’s practice and provide advice on how any problems identified can be addressed.
  • Clinical record reviews – providing an independent, expert opinion on the management of one or more episodes of patient care and whether this met College and Surgical Specialty Association standards.

Our Invited Review Handbook

Additional information can be found in the Invited Review Handbook. This document provides regulations and guidance for healthcare organisations commissioning invited reviews.  It sets out the processes that will normally be followed by the RCS when undertaking invited reviews on behalf of the healthcare organisations that commission them.

Contacting the Invited Review Team

If you would like to first discuss how the RCS invited review team might be able to help you, please call 020 7869 6222 or send us an email.