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Surgery and the NHS in numbers

Surgery is one of the most important treatments offered by the NHS in secondary care within the UK. Surgical staff and the resources they need to practice account for a substantial proportion of the NHS activity and front-line care for patients. With continuing innovation an increasing number of medical conditions are being remedied or managed by surgery.

References for Surgery in Numbers (England)

Surgical admissions and procedures

  • Data from Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), Hospital Episode Statistics 2013/14.

Numbers of consultants 

  • Extracted from the Health and Social Care Information Centre 2014 workforce census data. Consultants only working in the private sector are excluded from this data. 

Numbers of surgeons in training

  •  Based on figures provided by the Joint Committee on Surgical Training as at 23 July 2015. The numbers include surgeons in England on surgical specialty training, core training, locum appointments for training posts, and fixed term specialty training appointments. 

​Total number of surgeons and specialty numbers

  • Calculated by extracting consultant data (HSCIC Workforce Census Data 2014) and adding data on surgeons in training from the Joint Committee on Surgical Training.