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New dental training committee extends support to Foundation levels

12 May 2010

All dental trainees, foundation and specialist, will for the first time have a comprehensive  authoritative national training committee, the Joint Committee for Postgraduate Training in Dentistry (JCPTD) to be established in June 2010, with representation from across postgraduate dental education and training. 

The JCPTD will provide advice on foundation training and specialist training in dentistry.  It will promote a consistency of approach to training and facilitate robust quality assurance.  It will work with key stakeholders in dental education at all levels to support the implementation of curricula for dental foundation and specialist training, recommending and promoting areas of best practice.  Key components of the JCPTD will be the Advisory Board for Dental Foundation Training and the Advisory Board for Specialist Training in Dentistry which will be supported by the existing Specialist Advisory Committees (SACs).

Chair-Elect of the JCPTD, Professor Jonathan Cowpe, current Director of Dental Postgraduate Education in Wales and previously Head of Bristol Dental School and Dean of the Faculty of Dental Surgery, the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, said: “Dentistry and educational issues associated with the profession have entered an interesting and challenging period.  I look forward to working with key stakeholders to enhance communication and promote a shared ownership of the initiatives of the JCPTD.  This should facilitate enhanced cooperation on the future direction of dental education in the UK.  This strategy should be at the heart of a modern approach to the continuum of education, underpinning the concept of lifelong learning in dentistry.”

Professor Nairn Wilson, Chair of the demitting JCSTD said: “I am delighted that the JCSTD has successfully fulfilled its purpose, and the JCPTD, with Jonathan Cowpe as Chair, will herald a new era in arrangements for, in particular foundation and specialist training in dentistry.”

In recent years, changes to the structure of postgraduate medical training have had an impact on specialist training in dentistry and the roles of the key stakeholders have altered.  In addition, a two-year foundation training programme has been introduced.  The time is now right to reflect these changes by disbanding the current ‘Joint Committee for Specialist Training in Dentistry’ (JCSTD) and establishing the new JCPTD to promote a seamless continuum between foundation and specialist training across the UK.

Notes to Editors

  1.  The JCSTD is supported by funding from the Dental Faculties of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons (UK and Ireland), the UK and Irish Health Departments, and the GDC. The secretariat is based in The Royal College of Surgeons of England and the administrative support will transfer to the JCPTD.
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