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RCS Council Election 2013 Result

05 April 2013

The following list indicates the six successful candidates for election to Council at the ballot held on 3 April 2013 and the 19 unsuccessful candidates. The latter are ranked according to the order in which they were eliminated in successive stages of the single-transferable-vote procedure, candidate number 25 being the first to be eliminated.
Trustees newly elected onto Council will attend their first meeting at the beginning of the new Council year commencing on 11 July 2013.


1. Michael Parker (re-elected)
2. Su-Anna Boddy (re-elected)
3. Timothy William Roy Briggs
4. John Forbes Abercrombie
5. Neil Mortensen
6. Richard Kerr

Not Elected

7. Timothy Robin Terry
8. Joe Dias
9. Shafi Ahmed
10. Clifford Shearman
11. Fiona Myint
12. William Allum
13. Muntzer Mughal
14. Philip Turner
15. Chris Munsch
16. Simon Hodkinson
17. Michael Graham Wyatt
18. Nigel Heaton
19. David J Jones
20. Nigel John Standfield
21. David Griffiths
22. Norman Paul Briffa
23. Richard Sainsbury
24. Giles Peek
25. Soran Chawishly