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RCS statement on Dr Foster Hospital Guide 2011

28 November 2011

The publication today (Monday, 28 November 2011) of Dr Foster Hospital guide 2011 raises a series of issues for improvement in the NHS that the RCS strongly supports and tallies with other evidence the College has gathered.

Professor Norman Williams, President of the Royal College of Surgeons, said:

The RCS strongly supports the recommendations laid out in the Dr Foster Hospital Guide 2011. The report echoes the RCS view on areas such as improving consultant-led cover at weekends, uptake of new technology and concentrating operating in high volume units where outcomes are better. Surgeons are leading the way in producing detailed audits in areas such as cardiac surgery, vascular care, bowel cancer treatment and obesity operations which are helping reduce variation between hospitals and drive up standards. It is heartening that this study acknowledges that patient safety and hospital mortality is continuing to improve across the NHS. By pulling all this together into a report designed for patients, Dr Foster is making a positive contribution to the public debate about our health service."

The RCS published a report in September on our concerns about treatment for higher-risk and emergency patients that provides more detail on how the NHS should reorganise to provide out-of-hours consultant-led cover.

A road-map for how to improve access to new technology is laid out in the RCS innovation report in May.