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RCS welcomes further detail and time for Health Reforms

05 April 2011

Today (Tuesday 5 April, 2011) sees the publication of a Health Select Committee report into commissioning and follows a weekend of political debate about the ongoing health reforms. Responding to these developments RCS President John Black said:

“This timely new report from the Health Select Committee on the NHS reforms offers important guidance to the government for improving the legislation as it passes through parliament. The call for hospital  clinicians to have direct decision-making input into local consortia is something the Royal College of Surgeons strongly endorses and would help ensure the government’s vision of a clinician-led NHS.

In our evidence to the committee, the RCS highlighted the need to prevent high volume low-risk cases being cherry-picked by non-NHS providers. We have argued from the beginning that competition should be based on quality not price, and that new commissioning processes with multiple providers should not be allowed to jeopardise comprehensive care for all. We are gratified to to find the government committed to clarifying the legislation in this way.”

To read the president’s thoughts on what should happen next for commissioning go here.