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The Role of a Tutor, Course Director and Faculty Member

Education Tutors

Our tutors are employed on a part time basis to maintain a portfolio of courses or manage a specific project based around a portfolio. The tutors plan and develop new courses in their specialty or subspecialty, and ensure RCS Education run courses that cover all levels of surgical training from foundation to consultant grade. Tutor positions are advertised through the College website and the relevant specialty association.

Full list of current tutors

Education Course Directors

The course directors take responsibility for the day to day running of courses, often an education tutor will act as director on a number of courses within their portfolio. In collaboration with the education administration teams, the course director will manage the course from setting dates to monitoring faculty and finalising the course programme. Course directors are volunteers, and often have to take time out of their own schedules to take part in planning and running the courses. Course directors are usually selected by the portfolio tutor.

Education Course Faculty

Course faculty are a vital part of the RCS Education courses. They voluntarily give up their time to attend and take part in the teaching on courses, and their contributions and feedback is used to develop and update the courses going forward. Course faculty would usually be expected to have taken training the trainers: developing teaching skills course prior to teaching on a course.

If you are interested in becoming a member of RCS Education faculty, please send a copy of your CV to us.

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