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Surgical Facilities Hire

The Education Centre at the Royal College of Surgeons houses state-of-the-art education and training facilities with a range of practical areas to suit your needs. Several seminar rooms, a lecture theatre and a refreshment area all situated on the same floor allow you to monopolise the ‘hands on’ time for your event.


The RCS Education Team comprises of highly trained technicians and an experienced administrative team who will provide advice, expertise and support to an exceptionally high standard both in the lead up to; and throughout the duration of your event. The Technical Team are highly experienced in the use and provision of synthetic models, simulated scenarios, animal tissue, and with on-site facilities housing embalmed and un-embalmed cadaveric material we can provide the highest quality cadaveric specimens for your event. All human cadaveric work within the Education Centre is undertaken within the ambit of the Human Tissue Act (2004) and the Royal College of Surgeons is a fully licenced institution with the Human Tissues Authority.

With a comprehensive stock of surgical equipment and instrumentation for your use our team will ensure your event runs smoothly from start to finish.

The Wolfson Surgical Skills Centre is one of the UK's largest cadaveric dissection facilities, equipped for use of embalmed and unembalmed cadavers to simulate specific operations. Alongside this are the Lumley and Newman Demonstration Rooms in which tissue can also be used in a more intimate and intensive setting.

The Skills Unit can be utilised for skills based training and minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery skills

The Team Skills Training Theatre comprises a fully equipped operating theatre, recovery area, control room and observation and Debrief room.

The clinical skills unit and team skills training theatre can be combined to simulate critical incidents and major disaster scenarios such as road traffic accidents and life-threatening anaesthetic or surgical complications. The scenarios can be set up while experts observe and provide feedback to the theatre team.

Anatomical Facility

Until recently, RCS Education training courses largely utilised embalmed cadavers via a soft-fix method. Although this method provides longevity, it can distort some organ and tissue structures, diminishing the benefits for an in-depth study of anatomy. Unembalmed has the capacity to greatly enhance anatomy training and procedural simulation because it more closely represents the anatomical structure of living tissue.

In recognition of this, a £1.4m surgical training facility was built and completed in 2012, ensuring all courses which have previously used embalmed (soft-fix) cadavers are now using unembalmed material; the best type of tissue for the objectives to be achieved.

Hiring the Surgical Facilities

The Education Centre is a high quality learning centre and a venue that is ideally suited for the introduction of new techniques and technologies, product launches and the training and development of surgeons and other healthcare staff.

To hire the surgical facilities, please download and complete the attached form, giving us as many details as possible. Once we have received your external course request form we will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail and to confirm availability of the rooms.

The use of the workshops is subject to availability and approval of the course specification, especially around any requirements relating to the use of cadaveric materials which is governed by the Human Tissue Act.

To discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact us or telephone 020 7869 6300

Other College Facilities

The College has a number of other purpose-built conference and seminar rooms, including two modern and extremely well-equipped lecture theatres seating 300 people and 125 people respectively, and offering the latest technology in audio-visual presentation equipment.

Please contact the Facilties Department for further details.

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