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Awards and Grants

Awards and Grants
Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA)
Information of What the Clinical Excellence Awards are and how to apply.
The Council invites applications for election to the office of Hunterian Lecturer; Arris and Gale Lecturer and Arnott Lecturer. In order to be eligible for these awards applicants must have either Fellowship or Membership of this College, or the Fellowship and Membership of the College's Dental Surgery.
RCS supporting nominations for National Honours
Cutlers Surgical Prize
Details of the Cutlers Surgical Prize and how to apply.
Pump Priming Grants for Newly Appointed Consultants and Senior Lecturers in Surgery
Details of RCS pump priming grants for consultants and senior lecturers up to £10,000 each
Frequently Asked Questions
This is a list of FAQ's that people might ask the research department about the fellowships and grants.

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