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Supporting Surgeons

Surgeons and their employers can access a range of independent, professional advice from the College. This section aims to provide information for both surgeons and employers on the range of services available from the College.

Surgeons will encounter many thousands of patients over their career. Assuring safe and effective care is their prime responsibility, and this is overseen at the local level by clinical governance and management processes. The early resolution of concerns is of prime importance in driving improvement and ensuring safe patient care. The College is committed to maintaining and improving standards of surgery and in doing so recognises the importance of these local processes. In providing advice and support services, the College seeks to complement local systems, and not to replace them.

In this section you will find information about the range of services that the College can provide to both surgeons and employers.

The support for employers section includes information about advisory appointments committees, accreditation and the invited review mechanism.

The section on professional support for surgeons area will provide you with information about the various services we offer to surgeons requiring support including the confidential advice and support for surgeons service and the College’s position on mentoring.

You may also be interested in the section on regional professional support which includes information about the surgeons in your area who can provide you with professional support.

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