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International Office

The Royal College of Surgeons of England is an international organisation with members from over 90 countries and a long history of international activities and collaborations.

The College has over 5000 members overseas .The majority of which are originally from Egypt, Australia, India, US, Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia.

The RCS recognises that the movement of doctors, patients and surgical innovation across borders greatly impacts surgery in the UK. Active engagement in international affairs supports the advancement of surgical standards in the UK and abroad, benefiting our members and their patients.

The new international strategy, agreed by RCS Council in 2013, sets out the following main directions in which the College wishes to direct its efforts when supporting surgery internationally:

  • Provide greater international opportunities for the College to deliver surgical education and training
  • Raise the standards of surgical services globally
  • Support surgical initiatives in low-income countries to improve treatment and care
  • Support and engage our international membership

International Opportunities

Education: Courses are delivered for trainees and surgeons at all levels, both in the UK and globally. International education and training providers also have the opportunity to deliver courses in their own countries.

Examinations: Dental and surgical examinations are regularly held overseas.

Accreditation: RCS offers an accreditation service for overseas courses, programmes and events.

Library and Surgical Information Services: A range of online resources are available to international members of the College.

Membership: Overseas surgeons can apply for membership to the Royal College of Surgeons and both its dental faculties: the Faculty of Dental Surgery and the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK).

Research: Various fellowships, awards and grants are available for trainees and surgeons overseas.

Faculty of Dental Surgery: The NACPDE provides information for qualified dentists who wish to work in the UK and those interested in postgraduate study in the UK.

Career Support: The Surgical Careers website provides information for visiting specialists and refugee doctors, and international doctors wishing to train or work in the UK.

The International Office

The RCS International Office is the main point of contact for all queries from international surgeons and stakeholders who wish to find out more about opportunities and ventures overseas.

The International Affairs Board, which meets quarterly to review and scope the College’s international activities, is the focal point for the College international discussions.

For any other queries related to RCS International activities, please contact our International Office:

International Office
020 7869 6053

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