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Course Calendar

17 - 18 August 2015

Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support Course (PHTLS)

The PHTLS course is an intensive two-day experience. It emphasises the need for a rapid assessment of the critical trauma patient, treatment of shock and hypoxaemia, and rapid ...

17 - 21 August 2015

RCS Summer School in Anatomy and Practical Skills for Medical Students

If you are a medical student interested in a career in surgery or a surgically related specialty then register for the RCS anatomy and practical skills summer school. A sound knowledge ...

19 - 20 August 2015

Basic Surgical Skills (Intercollegiate BSS) Course

This course has been designed to introduce surgical trainees to safe surgical practice within a controlled workshop environment. It aims to teach, assess and certify the ability of ...

28 August 2015

Communication Skills for the IMRCS Exam

This highly-interactive course is designed to help you with your preparation for the IMRCS OSCE examination. Aimed at advancing and supporting the practical and theoretical core ...