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Diploma in Restorative Dentistry (DipRes)

Exam overview

Examination in the Diploma in Restorative Dentistry (DipRes) is a culmination of continuous assessment over the two-year period of the course. Taking the form of two documented, evidence-based case studies, the exam is a test of both the academic and surgical attainments of the exam participant. Exam cases are based upon treatments undertaken in a participant’s daily practice.


Please note: 

The Programme: Diploma in Restorative Dentistry is no longer running at the College.


Education and Training Requirements

In order to be accepted for the final assessment, candidates must have completed the following:

  • attendance and completion of all study days;
  • completion and pass all assignments (including SI) for each unit;
  • completion of cumulative log record for the duration of the course;
  • completion (and sign off) of all 20 mini-cases;
  • completion of 8 written-up cases (two of these cases are examined and the remaining six are classified as ‘learning cases’).

Exam format

Candidates obtain agreement from their tutor to undertake cases as part of the course. The ‘tutor sign off’ confirms that the case has been planned as part of the small group tutorial work.

It is expected that the clinical case management is managed appropriately by candidates. It is expected that candidates will have discussed and planned their learning and exam cases with tutors as part of the tutor group discussions. Candidates are responsible for the final decision as to whether a case may or may not be suitable for submission as either an assessment case or learning case.

It is strongly recommended that candidates initially submit one case for critique to ensure that the format of case submissions is correctly adhered to. This is recommended to prevent candidates submitting multiple cases with repeated errors. Cases should be submitted to the respective administrators who will log the submissions and pass cases onto the course directors for feedback.

Participants are expected to submit each case one month prior to the deadline whenever possible.

Assessment details

The examination will be held on 5 July 2024The submission date for this exam will be 7 June 2024We require all examination cases and materials (including a digital copy of each case) to be delivered to the College by the submission deadline. Students MUST ensure all materials that can identify the patient or the student be redacted before submitting to the final assessment. If you wish to submit for this examination then you must meet certain requirements:
  • have attended all tutorials and units;
  • completed and passed six learning cases and 20 mini cases;
  • passed all assignments (A-C);
  • completed all practical elements.
It is the responsibility of the student to ensure they have completed all the required elements of the course before entering for the final assessment. By signing the Assessment Declaration form you will be declaring you have met the requirements of the assessment. All applications are checked and verified by FDS. If our records reveal you have not completed all elements then you will not be permitted to enter the final assessment.

More information

Deadline for submitting outstanding assignments, mini-cases and learning cases: 29 March 2024

Deadline for submitting exam cases: 7 June 2024

Exam date: 5 July 2024

Course and exam fee: Set by FDS

Contact email:  


Application documentation

Application form

Assessment declaration form C19C26 

Assessment declaration form DRD01

The final assessment has to be completed within five years of cohort commencement. 

Please deliver all examination cases to:

Royal College of Surgeons of England 
Faculty of Dental Surgery
38-43 Lincoln's Inn Fields
London WC2A 3PE