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What to expect after the operation

Get Well Soon

Helping you to make a speedy recovery after cataract surgery

What to expect after the operation


There will be no visible scarring but the white of the eye can have any degree of redness. There can also be bruising around the eye.


Stitches do not usually cause itching or irritation and would normally be removed between 6 weeks and 3 months after the operation.


You may go home with an eye pad and shield, or just a shield. The pad can be removed after the first hour, but some patients prefer to keep it in place until the following morning. The shield should be worn at night for the first week.


The eye may feel gritty; you may experience some mild headache. These symptoms are common. The discomfort should rapidly improve over the next 24 hours. There should be no worsening of your symptoms. If your discomfort or headache should deteriorate, contact your hospital immediately.


Your vision will normally be much better by Day 2. Sometimes there can be some blurring or misting in the eye, but this should improve over the course of the day. At no point should your vision deteriorate after the surgery. If you feel your vision is becoming more blurred, contact your hospital immediately. Your old glasses will no longer be suitable, and you may be more comfortable without them.

Tiredness / Feeling emotional

Your body is using energy to heal itself, so you may feel more tired than normal - this is perfectly normal. Most patients however are elated with the improvement in their vision.


If you take part in a sport that risks a poke in the eye, you should discuss returning to these activities with your surgeon before the operation. You should not go swimming for the first 2 to 4 weeks to minimise the risk of infection. When cycling in the first few weeks following surgery, keep your sunglasses on to reduce the impact of dust.

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