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Five-point commitment to you

Following the results of our 2016 membership survey, this is our five-point commitment to you, which we will action over the next three years:

Increase satisfaction

You said icon

You said:

  • You are feeling negative about the profession and struggle with low morale, being de-professionalised and maintaining a healthy work-life balance
  • You don’t always feel fully supported by us and you would like to see us increase our support and advocacy
We will icon

We will:

  • Seek and develop improvements to training especially helping those in their early years of surgical training
  • Vocally champion and be an advocate for the profession and debate on key political issues
  • Work with partners and with the profession to improve morale – read our recent manifesto
  • Consult and listen to members, particularly surgeons in training, on how to best engage with and support them – via our new online member group, surveys and events
  • Campaign to change the term 'junior doctors' with the support of ASiT and BOTA
  • Increase our campaigning and resources for flexible working
  • Increase our work to ensure better use of the extended surgical team
  • Begin an annual awards programme, recognising and rewarding the successes of the profession

Recognise and meet your needs

You said:

  • Membership fees and courses are perceived to be expensive or poor value for money
  • You are aware of many of the benefits, but don’t always use them

We will:

  • Ensure you're aware of the range of payment options, discounts, and the tax relief available to you to include tax relief both for the MRCS and FRCS
  • Vocally champion and be an advocate for the profession and debate on key political issues
  • Explore ways in which we can lessen the financial burden of membership and course fees, particularly for trainees
  • Review our membership categories and benefits, to ensure that you're getting what’s relevant to you
  • Provide you with an annual statement demonstrating how we've spent your membership fees and how these are supporting the profession
  • Use our online membership feedback panel to inform activities

Enhance our support at every career stage

You said:

  • If you have used our career services, you rated them highly, but many of you weren't aware of the support offered
  • You would like us to increase the careers support we offer
  • Many of you would like to be able to access a jobs board via our website

We will:

  • Review our career support service to ensure it is well published, easy to access and targeted to where need is greatest
  • Develop both existing and new services and careers support for trainees, in line with what you've recently told us
  • Increase the focus on trainees in the Bulletin, including regular trainee writers, careers support and updates
  • Add the BMJ jobs board to our website and signpost other recruitment websites
  • Launch a major conference which brings together different specialties and career stage to explore key topics, increase knowledge, network and ensure that the whole surgical profession is working to be the best it can be

Personalise your experience

You said:

  • You would like to see a more balanced approach to our work supporting the individual and the profession
  • You would benefit from a great tailoring of communications; to receive information directly relevant to you

We will:

  • Review our membership categories to ensure we're offering all members the benefits that are right for them
  • Resume our Specialty Bulletin Service and find ways to extend its scope
  • Continue to develop our new website along with our other communication channels, which now gives you the ability to tailor your communication preferences and easily update your details
  • Invest in new technology including a better membership database which enables us to hold and use your information more effectively, to provide you with a tailored experience
  • Develop the communications you receive at each stage of your career journey

Support you better regionally and digitally

You said:

  • You want us to increase our digital services and continue to champion digital innovation
  • You want events in your local areas which cover UK-wide topics (UK members)
  • You would benefit from increased support and professional development opportunities which you can access locally

We will:

  • Use interactive resources such as webinars, podcasts and videos to enhance our guidance and standards
  • Provide you with updates about new technology and innovation
  • Increase our presence in the regions. Read about our plans to bring exams, courses, events and diplomates ceremonies to you
  • Further develop our programme of events, covering UK topics in regional locations
  • We will enhance opportunities in online learning such lectures, educational videos, online CPD learning and streaming of events
  • Launch a major conference which brings together different specialties and career grades to explore key topics, increase knowledge, network and ensure that the profession as a whole is working to be the best it can be

Vision of support

We acknowledge that there are areas in which we need to do better for our members and we have shared with you our five-point commitment. We have also developed a vision of the role we wish to play as your membership body.

Our vision:

  • For our membership to feel proud to be part of us
  • To inspire, inform and support each and every member
  • To offer careers support, learning and development at each step that our members take, and in whichever direction they decide to go
  • For our members to be actively engaged in our work and feel that we represent them, contributing to how we represent them
  • To be the go-to resource for professional information and advice, to make our members' busy lives easier

To achieve these aims, we will need your ongoing honest feedback and support. We are committed to working with you to become the membership body you want us to be, and ultimately, to advance surgical care.


This action plan is a working document, which will inevitably evolve over time. We realise that some of our commitments are not as definitive as they could be, and we will work to develop these over the coming months.

We welcome your feedback on this action plan. Please email your comments to Lucy Davies, Head of Membership, at

If you would like to be involved in shaping our work, and providing ideas and feedback on new and developing projects, email us to join our online member feedback panel of 1,000+ members.

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