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RCS England is proud to present a varied and interesting programme of webinars designed to keep you up-to-date with what’s going on in the world of surgery, provide updates on the College's work and support our members both personally and professionally. Please see below for dates and more information.

Please note, dates are subject to change but we will notify all participants with as much notice as possible and recordings will be available. 

Upcoming webinars

Autumn and winter webinars  

Preparing for the FRCS - Monday 27 November 2023, from 6pm

Hosted by Miss Laura Hamilton, RCS England Council member, this webinar will provide tips and insights on how to best prepare for the FRCS exam. We will be joined by FRCS examiners and recently successful candidates who will answer all your questions on how to maximise your chances of passing the FRCS. Please register here.

Sexual Misconduct in Surgery - Breaking the Silence - Monday 11 December 2023, from 6pm

This webinar, led by Tamzin Cuming, Chair of the Women in Surgery Forum, is designed to help medical professionals combat sexual misconduct in the surgical setting, discussing key strategies to break the silence and tackle inappropriate conduct. The session will cover the findings of the Working Party on Sexual Misconduct and discuss how to identify and respond to symptoms of misconduct, and policies to prevent future incidents. Additionally, presenters will advise how to engage colleagues, victims, and institutions to address the issue proactively. Please register here

Spring and summer webinars

We are currently working on our plans for our spring and summer webinar programme. Please check back here for more information shortly. Alternatively email us and we will update you when the programme is open for booking. 

Recorded webinars

We keep a catalogue of our past webinars to provide accessible advice for members at all career stages, covering queries from how to write a paper, to the latest on less than full-time training. If there’s a subject you’d like us to cover next, please get in touch with our events team.






Recently recorded webinars


What can you do for the RCS England? Getting involved and making a difference: Ever wondered what you can do for your College? Find out more about standing for Council and other roles at RCS England. 

Managing wellbeing and burnout in the surgical team: Surgery is a challenging career and mental health should be a priority for all but how can you help your team manage their wellbeing and prevent burnout?


Senior Fellows' Society webinar series: Museums update: Chaired by Mr Bill Thomas, and with Carina Phillips, Head of Museum Collections, and Bruce Simpson, Senior Curator, you will hear the latest updates on the RCS England museums, including the reopening of the Hunterian Museum and the Anatomy and Pathology Museum.

Making the most of surgical training:Surgical training is a daunting prospect for many. RCS England council member Rachel Hargest chairs this session with panel members Dr Tom Naylor and Miss Sundas Butt sharing their hints and tips on how to make the most of your training.

Managing your brand and maximising the impact of social media: Social media is a powerful tool – we discuss how your personal brand and your identity on social media can be a powerful tool for surgeons at every grade. RCS England council member Laura Hamilton chairs the session, with Scarlet Nazarian @thefemalesurgeon and Tasha Gandamihardja @drtashag sharing insights and tips on how to make the most of your online brand.

Starting surgical practice. New consultants and specialty doctors: Working independently in surgical practice is an important milestone for surgeons.Vinita Shekar, chair of the RCS England SAS forum and Arin Saha, Regional Director for Yorkshire and the Humber discuss how to make the most of your first months of independent practice. This session is perfect for those looking to apply for or just starting their first specialty doctor or consultant post. 

A conversation with Joe Aderinto: Tamzin Cuming, chair of Women in Surgery and consultant surgeon is in conversation with Joe Aderinto, the trauma and orthopaedic surgeon who recently appeared in Saving Lives in Leeds on BBC Two, to find out more about what its like to work as a surgeon with a camera crew in tow.

Future of Surgery: an introduction to innovation in surgery: RCS England Council member and lead for the Future of surgery and robotic surgeon, Nuha Yassin was joined by Editor of the Bulletin and Clinical Innovation lead, Ryan Kerstein and founder of Proximie and plastic surgeon, Nadine Hachach - Haram to discuss how robotics and other innovations will shape the future of surgical practice and training for years to come . 

Elective recoveryIt is a year since we launched our New Deal for Surgery, but has elective recovery progressed far enough? RCS President Neil Mortensen is joined by Deborah Eastwood, Sas Banerjee and Stella Vig to discuss the extent of process. 

Learning Threat and Error Management from SantaProfessor Peter Brennan is joined by a panel of specialists for this festive version of one of the most popular sessions at our Human Factors in surgery conference in October: Threat and Error management.

Joint RCS England and ASI Webinar: Gallbladder disease:  A joint webinar with the Association of Surgeons in India on Gallbladder Disease. Chaired by RCS Council member Rachel Hargest, with Dr Senthilnathan from GEM Hospital,Chennai and Mr Christian Macutkiewicz, Consultant General and Hepato-Pancreatico-Biliary (HPB) Surgeon at Manchester Royal Infirmary.

Avoiding a bleeding crisis: Tranexamic acid is part of the answer: In this session, our panel shared important information about the use of tranexamic acid.

Parents in SurgeryIn this session, our panel discussed the recently launched Parents in Surgery report and how it is key to cultivating a diverse and effective workforce across the surgical profession.

In focus: Ukraine 2In the second of a series of webinars examining aspects of the war in Ukraine and its impact, we held a session highlighting the contributions of Ukrainian diaspora organisations and health professionals in assisting the humanitarian, medical and aid response.

The Case for Surgical Hubs: in this webinar, we discussed the case for expanding surgical hubs in our new free webinar in collaboration with Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT). 

Pride Month webinar: Ms Ginny Bowbrick was joined by other members of the Pride in Surgery Forum (PRISM) to bring you a taster of the best talks from Out at the College, our first-ever conference for LGBTQ+ surgeons and their allies.

NetZero AnaesthesiaIn this webinar, as part of our intercollegiate work on Sustainability with RCS Edinburgh, we explore NetZero Anaesthesia. 

In focus: Ukraine: In the first of a series of webinars examining aspects of the war in Ukraine and its impact, we explore how NHS England is contributing to the humanitarian response.

DEI Action Plan update: 6 months on In this webinar, we revisited the Kennedy review one year on to provide you with an update on just how far we have come and how we plan to accomplish the sixteen recommendations outlined by Baroness Helena Kennedy. 

Intercollegiate MRCS Part A Pearson Vue introductory webinar:  Introduced by John Hines, ICSBE Chair, the webinar will explain what candidates can expect when sitting the MRCS at a Pearson Vue centre.

LGBTQ+ History Month webinarA panel of surgeons who identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community, talk about their experiences and the importance to support diversity in surgery.

2021 webinars

Surgical examinations updateThis session provides an update on the plans for surgical examinations in 2022.

Interview Skills for Core Surgical TrainingThis session will provide medical students and foundation trainees with a chance to bolster their knowledge of the best practices to employ during their core surgical training interviews.

Cosmetic Surgery Certification Introducing the new ‘Established Practitioner Route’If you have been practising cosmetic or aesthetic surgery in your specialty for three years or more, you can save time and certify by demonstrating compliance through alternative evidence and self-declaration. Listen to hear our panel introduces the new pathway.

Human factors at Christmas: Our panel discuss promoting teamwork, the power of briefings and how we can empower our surgeons and medical teams to break down hierarchies with a special holiday twist.

The surgical ambulatory emergency care network: The network is a clinically led large scale improvement collaborative that aims to support front line surgical team to manage appropriate surgical emergencies same day, helping surgical teams redesign pathways for emergency surgical patients, reducing admissions and improving the quality of patient care.

The gender diverse patient: Hear our Vice-President, Mr Tim Mitchell, and the panel discussing how surgeons and health care professionals can offer better care to transgender and gender diverse patients. 

How to succeed in Core Surgical TrainingThe purpose of Core Surgical Training is to allow the trainee to take their first footsteps along the exciting path of a surgical career, developing the basic and fundamental surgical skills common to all surgical specialties, together with a few specialty-specific surgical skills. In this webinar, our panel discuss what trainees can expect from Core Surgical training placements and how they can prepare for specialty training from day one.

New curriculum update - For surgical trainersMr Jon Lund, Chair of the JCST, Mr Keith Jones, Surgical Director of the ISCP, and Miss Katherine Smith, Consultant Surgeon and Training Program Director for Core Surgery discuss the new ISCP curriculum. This webinar explains the rationale for and best use of the new MCR and its benefits for time-saving, trainee feedback and patient outcomes. 

New curriculum update - For surgical traineesJon Lund, Chair of the JCST, Keith Jones, Surgical Director of the ISCP, and Sophie Lewis, Director of Education, discuss the new ISCP curriculum in this session. This webinar will explain the best use of the new Self-Assessment, how it will fit with the new MCR and Learning Agreement and benefit progression through training. 

New Deal for Surgery: With the latest waiting time figures reporting the largest ever NHS waiting list, the Royal College of Surgeons of England is calling for a New Deal for Surgery, urging governments in Westminster, Cardiff and Belfast to invest in restoring timely surgical treatment.

Preoperative Optimisation and Assessment - Supporting surgical and perioperative services: Our panel provides key recommendations on: how the preoperative pathway should be optimised including the type and timing of preoperative assessment; individualised risk assessment and shared decision making; fitness, nutritional and psychological evaluation and intervention; and active surveillance of patients on waiting lists.

Human factors - Breaking hierarchies: Watch RCS England President Professor Neil Mortensen, RCS Council member Professor Peter Brennan, Consultant vascular surgeon Miss Ginny Browbrick and Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery Registrar Mr John Hardie discuss promoting teamwork, the power of briefings, and how we can empower our surgeons and medical team to break down hierarchies.

Future of Surgery Technology Enhanced Surgical Training Report launch: The Association of Surgeons in Training (ASiT) and RCS England have launched a report aiming to define the role of technology in surgical training. It will explore technological solutions that are available now, could be available soon and may be available in future.

Supporting SAS Surgeons - An era for change:  Watch RCS England Vice-President Mr Tim Mitchell, and the co-chairs of the RCS England SAS Forum, Mrs Vinita Shekar and Mr Ananda Nanu, discussing the new SAS grades, the RCS England Diversity Report and the SAS Action Plan, as they look at how to best support SAS surgeons.

Wellbeing and you: Preparing for challenges ahead. This webinar is focused on mental wellbeing. Now that the COVID-19 cases are decreasing, hospitals have now resumed elective services. With many millions of people waiting for surgical procedures and difficult decisions to be made, surgeons are facing new challenges to their mental health.

The RCS England COVID Research GroupThe RCS England COVID-19 Research Group supports and coordinates major studies investigating the impact and challenges of COVID-19 for the surgical workforce. Our panel of research leads present the progress of their RCS England sponsored COVID-19 projects.

Failing intelligentlyHow we can respond well to failure? How we can make the best of a bad situation? Miss Caris Grimes, Miss Ginny Bowbrick, Professor Peter Brennan and Miss Greta McLachlan discuss how to manage well mistakes and complications.

Medico-legal implications of COVID-19 and surgery: The President of the Medical Protection Society and Rheumatologist Professor Dame Jane Dacre, Consultant Urological Surgeon Mr Ian Eardley, and RCS council member and Consultant Plastic Surgeon Professor Vivien Lees, address the issues that may arise from the delay to surgical procedures and highlight the support available.

MRCS Part B and DO-HNS Examinations, May 2021: on this intercollegiate webinar, John Hines, Chair of ICBSE,  provides an update on the upcoming examinations.

COVID-19: Reviving surgical services across the four nationsThis four nations panel discussion focuses on the approach to the pandemic across the United Kingdom and what lessons we can learn from each other and how we can work to recover services and training for patients and surgeons alike.

IWD Webinar: A Conversation with Jane Dacre and Helena Kennedy: As we jump into 2021 facing new opportunities and challenges in society and medicine, we are also celebrating the 30 year anniversary of the RCS England Women in Surgery (WinS) network.

Sustainability webinars

NetZero Anaesthesia: In a series of NetZero webinars we are running this year as part of our intercollegiate work on Sustainability with RCS Edinburgh, this webinar explored the environmental impact of anaesthesia in surgery.

Sustainability in surgery - disposable vs. reusable: This webinar looked at the use of disposable vs. reusable materials within surgery and provide information on how to make important future changes in clinical practice.

Launch of the Green Surgery Challenge: Clinical Programme Director at The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, Olivia Bush, Consultant in ENT Surgery, Mahmood Bhutta and ENT Research Fellow, Chantelle Rizan bring to you all the details of the Green Surgery Challenge 2021, a fantastic opportunity for the UK’s surgical community to recognise the value of sustainable healthcare.

The importance of sustainability in the surgical profession: Stella Vig and Victoria Pegna with be joined by Chantelle Rizan and Mood Bhutta and will answer queries about the role of sustainability in today's surgical profession. Find out more about RCS England's work on sustainability.

COVID-19 webinars

During the start of the pandemic the RCS ran a highly successful series of webinars dedicated to topics linked to COVID and the wider issues of working on the front line. Please see our COVID-19 webinar pages for the full archive.

RCS England webinar archive

You can watch a selection of older RCS England webinars on our YouTube channel.



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