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Other Considerations


As a flexible trainee, you work fewer hours than full-timers and therefore receive a lower salary. Intensity payments are arranged separately and will reflect the work you do. You receive a proportion of the basic salary according to the number of hours of actual work. There is more information about this available from the BMA and NHS Employers.

Time in training and CCT

Your CCT date will be calculated according to the time you have worked, pro rata. 3 months in total of any maternity or sick leave can be included in your training without extending your CCT date. The JCST can provide more information on this.

As a flexible trainee as well as a full-timer, the end of training “grace period” is 6 months and is not extended pro-rata. This is important to know if you are coming to the end of your training.


Study leave is pro-rata and can be more at the discretion of the LETB to enable you not to have to complete only part of a course.

You are entitled to maternity leave in the same way as a full-timer. Usually, you are entitled to 52 weeks’ maternity leave (13-26 of it unpaid depending on service). Maternity leave can be dependent on: 

  • your period of continuous service (no gap of more than 3 months) in the NHS
  • your length of time with the Trust
  • your decision on whether you wish to return to work - either full or part-time. If you return to work after maternity leave, you need to do so for at least 3 months to avoid having to repay maternity pay. Read more information on pregnancy and childcare.

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