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The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has a range of commissioning guides, some of which are applicable to surgery. In addition, NICE is developing a number of quality standards, which commissioners will need to take into account as they take decisions. Please see the table below for the guidelines and quality standards that have been formally endorsed by the College.

The College also has more detailed information on clinical standards and policies across a number of areas of surgical practice, as well as advice on the delivery of surgical services.

Guidelines and quality standards





Trauma Regional Trauma Systems; interim guidance for commissioners RCS 2009
Emergency General Surgery Emergency General Surgery: position statement RCS and ASGBI 2013
Emergency Surgery Emergency Surgery: standards for unscheduled surgical care RCS 2011
General Surgery The Surgical Management of Patients with Acute Intestinal Failure ASGBI September 2010
General Surgery Guidelines for Implementation of Enhanced Recovery Protocols ASGBI December 2009
Vascular Surgery The Provision of Services for Patients with Vascular Disease The Vascular Society of Great Britain and Ireland


Vascular Surgery Framework for improving the results of elective AAA repair Vascular Society of Great Britain and Ireland


Vascular Surgery Quality Improvement Framework for Major Amputation Surgery Vascular Society of Great Britain and Ireland 2012
Breast Surgery Best practice diagnostic guidelines for patients presenting with breast symptoms ABS 2010
Breast Surgery Guidelines - Surgical guidelines for the management of breast cancer ABS 2009
Breast Surgery Quality Assurance Guidelines for Surgeons in Breast Cancer Screening ABS & The NHS Breast Screening Programme 2009
Breast Surgery Oncoplastic breast surgery - A guide to good practice ABS & BAPRAS and the Training Interface Group in Breast Surgery 2007
Breast Surgery The Management of Metastatic Bone Disease in the UK The Breast Specialty Group of the British Association of Surgical Oncology 1999
Breast Surgery Association of Breast Surgery Guidelines Use of Blue dye for SLNB ABS 2009
Upper GI Surgery AUGIS Guidance on Minimum Surgeon Volumes AUGIS 2010
Upper GI Surgery AUGIS Statement on Laparoscopic Upper GI Cancer Surgery AUGIS No date
Transplant Surgery Active BTS Standards and Guidelines BTS No date
Endocrine Surgery Provision of Services for Patients with Surgical Endocrine Disorders British Association of Endocrine Surgeons 2010
Endocrine Surgery Armour Thyroid (USP) and combined thyroxine/ tri-iodothyronine as Thyroid Hormone Replacement The British Thyroid Association 2007
Endocrine Surgery Guidelines for the management of thyroid cancer The British Thyroid Association
Endocrine Surgery Management of primary hyperthyroidism British Thyroid Association 2015
Endocrine Surgery UK Guidelines for the Use of Thyroid Function Tests BTA & British Thyroid Foundation and the Association of Clinical Biochemistry 2006
Endocrine Surgery Management Guidelines for Patients with Thyroid Nodules and Differentiated Thyroid Cancer American Thyroid Association 2009
Endocrine Surgery Management Guidelines for Medullary Thyroid Cancer American Thyroid Association 2009
Endocrine Surgery UK Standards for Paediatric Endocrinology BSPED 2010
Endocrine Surgery Paediatric Endocrine Tumours The United Kingdom Children's
Cancer Study Group And BSPED
Endocrine Surgery Treatment of Children with Recombinant Human Growth Hormone BSPED 2015
Endocrine Surgery BSPED Recommended DKA Guidelines 2009 BSPED 2009
Endocrine Surgery Paediatric Diabetic Ketoacidosis – DKA Calculator BSPED 2009
Endocrine Surgery Diabetic Ketoacidosis- DKA Flow Chart BSPED 2009
Endocrine Surgery Integrated Care Pathway for Children and Young People with Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) Southwest Paediatric Diabetes Regional Network 2010
Endocrine Surgery The Management of Diabetic Ketoacidosis in Adults NHS Diabetes and Joint British Diabetes Societies
Inpatient Care Group
Endocrine Surgery Diabetes UK Position Statements and Care Recommendations-
Joint British Diabetes Societies guideline for the
management of diabetic ketoacidosis
Diabetes UK and Joint British Diabetes Societies
Inpatient Care Group
Endocrine Surgery Type 1 diabetes: diagnosis and management of type 1 diabetes in children, young people and adults NICE 2010
Endocrine Surgery Making every young person with diabetes matter Department of Health 2009
Paediatric Surgery Standards for Children's Surgery RCS Children's Surgical Forum 2013
Paediatric Surgery Children’s Surgery: Delivering a first class service RCS Children’s Surgical Forum 2007
Paediatric Surgery Ensuring the provision of general paediatric surgery in the district general hospital: guidance to commissioners and service planners RCS Children’s Surgical Forum 2010
Paediatric Surgery Survey on the provision of general paediatric surgery RCS Children’s Surgical Forum 2010
Neurosurgery Safe Neurosurgery 2000 SBNS 2000

NICE guidelines and quality standards formally endorsed by the College

Specialty area Title Type of document Date
Vascular Surgery Varicose veins in the legs (QS67) Quality standard August 2014

NICE have published a set of interactive, infographic slides to accompany each of the five new trauma guidelines

The slides aim to make it easier for people to read the recommendations and to make teaching colleagues more straightforward. You can access each of them below:

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