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Online Application Guidelines and FAQ

Online instructions

The application form consists of the following: 

  • Part A – to be completed by the applicant 
  • Part B – confidential report to be completed by the present Head of Department 
  • Part C – confidential report to be completed by the proposed Supervisor 
  • Part D – (not part of the online form) confirmation of administrative arrangements – to be completed and signed by an administrative office at the host centre (eg Finance Officer, Registrar, Bursar or Secretary) and sent back to the Research Department 

The applicant is required to fill out Part A first, then they must enter the email of their Head of Department and Supervisor when prompted. The form will then generate emails to those two recipients, asking them to follow a link and complete parts B and C. You will then be able to see on your form whether they have done this. It is your responsibility to chase them to do this before the closing date otherwise you will not be able to submit the complete application. Until Parts A, B, C and D have been completed you will not be considered for this fellowship.


I cannot enter an email address belonging to my Head of Department or Supervisor.

The forms work by generating two emails, one to your Head of Department and one to your Supervisor asking them to fill out Parts B and C of the application form. These are both confidential reports. The system recognises emails belonging to fellows, members or people who are registered with the RCS. If they are registered but not being recognised, then try entering alternative emails, as your Head of Department or Supervisor may have a more than one. If they are not registered, please ask them to register with the College. 

If I move from page to page will the information I have entered be saved?

Yes, however you must click 'next' in order for that information to be saved. On the last page of the form if you do not 'submit' your form, you may lose information. 

 I cannot find the relevant institution.

This section is about where the research will be taking place. If you type in the name of your institution and you don’t get any results, try different search terms. You may find that simplifying your search and using keywords will help. 

What if my Head of Department and Supervisor is the same person?

That person will then have to fill out parts B and C. 

My specialty is not listed.

Please get in touch by emailing us at 

I am not a member and cannot sign in to fill out the applications form.

Fellowships are only open to fellows or members of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. You can become a member by applying for ad eundem membership. You can still fill out an application form (while applying for membership) by creating an account. 

I am applying for ad eundem membership; do I need to have this in place before the closing date?

No, you can apply in parallel, as long as we can see that your ad eundem application is in progress you are eligible to apply. 

Contact the Research Department

If you have any problems accessing or completing the form, please contact the Research Department at

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